Community events

Popular questions and answers

1What does the Calendar show?
The Community Calendar shows all events in Colindale. They can be added by CCT, community organisations and members of the public. You need a CCT account to add the Calendar.
2Do I need an account to add an event?
Yes. You will also need to be over 18 to organise your own events. All events are checked and approved by CCT before being published.
3How do people register for my event?
When you upload an event, you will be asked to complete the "organiser" section. This will be your personal information, and users will use this information to get in touch with directly.
4Can I change people to attend?
Yes, however CCT will not process the payments. It is up to you to make the price clear, and to chase payments.
5Is there a limit to how many events I can add?
Each user can add a up to two events. Keep in mind you can set use the "repeat" option if this event happens every week.